Our Story

Eagles nest high up on cliffs. When an eagle’s young hatches, its environment around it slowly gets altered to such a degree that over a short time it becomes so uncomfortable that the inevitable leap of life is imminent. The eagle has been told it can fly, the question is does it believe it can fly?

Since 1997, our coffee roasting process has always been as nature intended – Pure. An aroma always identifiable with that of the golden eagle - majestic, rich, and full of flavour.

We believe that every bean has the ability to be the best coffee ever. We help the bean become what the bean was intended to be. You would not drink Aquila d’Oro just because it looks good, but because it tastes good!  You would drink Aquila d’Oro because we nurture the very best quality coffee.

When you drink Aquila d’Oro, you will not just taste coffee, you will experience coffee, the way coffee was supposed to be experienced.

Just like the little eaglet had to believe it could take the leap and spread its wings, so do Aquila d’Oro beans become the best they can be for exceptional flavour and aroma.

Experience the freedom of the golden eagle.